Case Study : Patient Portal Re Engagement Essay

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Patient Portal Re-Engagement Kamoi Hewitt Chamberlin College of Nursing Professor’s Name Date Introduction Re-engagement with patients who do not sign up for patient portal is an important aspect of enhancing and improving health communication and outcomes with the patient. The rationale for selecting patient portal will offer an understanding of why this author believes patient portal is imperative. Central to the discussion in this paper is the importance of re-engaging with patients who are reluctant or hesitant to enroll in patient portals. The advantages and disadvantages of patient portal are integral to the discussion in understanding the reason some patients may not want to sign up for patient portals. The conclusion will offer recommendations on how to increase patient portals. Rationale for Patient Portals Information, communication, and technology contributes significantly to the transformation of the healthcare system. The initiation of the computer age and the rapid advances in technology have influences on nurses/patient communication. Nurses are expected to have knowledge of healthcare informatics if they are to function effectively and efficiently in a modernized healthcare system. An understanding of healthcare informatics helps nurses to interact and communicate with their patients using different online applications. Patient portals applications are available in various forms such as, independent online services, modules of

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