Case Study Rip The Floor

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Dynamic aims to finalize the plans for its annual competition and showcase Rip The Floor by the end of January. Hosting this large production is tasking on the small student organization; however, after hosting the show for 10 years, Dynamic has an organized system to overcome any obstacle. Each year, thousands of people attend and participate in Rip The Floor, but most do not know about the behind the scenes efforts. “Although the planning aspect of Rip The Floor is a difficult process, the end the result is so rewarding,” said team member, Sammy Marcus. According to Co-Director Tia Johnson, Rip The Floor takes a full year to plan. As soon as the show ended last year, contracting with the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center for the 2017 show began.
“In some cases contracting can take as much as four …show more content…

After that, the final terms are set for arrangement and payment. Dynamic can then officially begin planning the logistics for the show. Around November of each year, a group of volunteers from Dynamic meet to form the Rip The Floor Committee. The committee handles the entire organization of the event. In order to work efficiently and effectively, the committee separates into departments and assigns leaders. There are three departments: production, group and promotion. The production department manages all of the day-of-show related tasks. The main projects to complete are determining the show order, collecting team music, and collaborating with the CSPAC staff to ensure that the show runs smoothly. The group department manages customer relations. This subcommittee works with the performing teams and their dancers. The main goal of the department is to gather rosters and consent waivers. Members of the group department also guide the performing teams as liaisons throughout the planning process and during the day of the

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