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Texas Panic Room offers a unique form of entertainment, featuring an escape room with clues to decipher. Teams of around 5 participants are locked in a room for an hour and are given hints to successfully escape. An operator facilitates the game and delivers hints over an intercom.
This report will primarily address the inconsistency between corporate expectations and the actual day-to-day operations of Panic Room’s Austin location. Overall, there is insufficient training for managers and a lack of written guidelines for game operators to follow.

Research and Findings
We gathered all of our data through interviews with the CEO, Robert Ma, and an on-site manager, Stefan Tsai. Tsai is currently responsible for running payroll, scheduling operators each week, communicating with the CFO, dealing with employee bonuses and customer complaints, polishing the game rooms, and keeping supplies stocked.
Through our interviews, we found that the greatest management-related issue at the Austin Panic Room is a misalignment between corporate …show more content…

Ma informed us that miscommunication and misdirection has been a problem. When running a game, the operators are responsible for giving the participants their clues in any way they see fit, leading to inconsistencies in the game experience for each different group visiting the Austin Panic Room.

We recommend having written guidelines for operators to follow, scripts for administering clues, and direction on how to interact with customers. With that in place, operators can be expected to adhere to protocol, rather than Tsai’s direction. Additionally, on-site managers need more training, more specific job descriptions, and clarification of job responsibilities. We recognize that operators are client-facing and are most essential for day to day operations, so operators must feel well-supported, motivated, and confident in their

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