Case Study: Schneider Electric

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With today technological advancements, it is imperative that company in the Energy Management and Technology space, always strive to remain completive and market leaders. Schneider key objective is creating sustainable value for customers and
Shareholders, and in order to stay relevant in the market, it requires Schneider to create effective alliances. This helps Schneider to achieve higher market share that it sometimes difficult to do all alone.
As a result of global competition and the constantly growing demand for new technologies, strategic alliances are becoming more crucial as its objective is to support the competitiveness of the activities concerned. This is achieved through the pooling of each other’s core competencies and specialization.

As the market leader in the automation and information technology space, Schneider Electric is committed to providing …show more content…

Asco brings to Schneider Electric a well-recognized brand in North America, a strong level of know-how, prescription skills and network and a diversified customer base," Mr. Tricoire said in a statement. This strategic alliance was done to bolster Schneider’s position in switch technologies across geographies, as well as enhance its go to market offer for building sector that uses autonomous or multi-source power management.
This collaboration provides an opportunity for both Schneider and ASCO Power to internalize the skills of the other, and thus improve its competitive position in the market. Synergy and competitive advantage are elements that lead to greater success for Schneider Electric. As they are not in the position to attain these key elements by itself. The combination of these individual strengths enables Schneider to compete more effectively and aggressively in order to increase its market share and company

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