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TESCO Case Study

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Date: 08 October, 2017.

Q1. How should Tesco sustain the advantage of being the first global multi-brand retailer to be allowed to invest in India?
Answer: Tesco should collaborate with credible local organizations and suppliers that would gain from complementary offerings and avoid competition from other foreign companies wanting to invest in India. It would help Tesco in using their customer base influence along with being flexible to the wants and needs of the Indians. Most countries are wary of foreigners and this would also help to provide a solution to this problem faced by Tesco. They must …show more content…

Diet and customary dishes differ a lot throughout the country so there is a lot of diversity and different segments that need to be catered to. A combination of good quality and affordable prices are what most of the Indians are looking for (“Paisa Vasool” as they call it) so Tesco should be able to provide that to capture and then retain the Indian customers. Furthermore, they should be familiar with what other services the Indians look for e.g. they should be able to provide free home delivery as 10% of the Indian population owns a vehicle, other options could be allowing deferred payments to create loyal customers. Tesco should introduce loyalty cards for their regular and loyal customers. The idea of loyalty cards is primarily to retain customers by giving them some benefits in return for their loyalty either by waiving certain percentage of price of product or by issuing free shopping vouchers to those customers whose purchase is more than a certain value. Other than this, majority of the Indian population likes watching cooking TV shows and by collaborating with maybe and already famous chef would help increase sales. It was observed that nearly 30% of the population was vegetarian and so by producing more fresh foods and products suited to their needs would most likely prove to be profitable for Tesco. By studying, paying close attention to their needs and wants and by being flexible Tesco can fine tune its tried and tested global market to suit the Indian retail

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