Case Study : The Backcountry Brand

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PROJECT CHARTER DATE TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 PROJECT PURPOSE/JUSTIFICATION 2 Business Need/Case 2 PROJECT DESCRIPTION 2 Project Objectives and Success Criteria 3 Requirements 3 Constraints 3 Assumptions 4 Preliminary Scope Statement 4 RISKS 4 PROJECT DELIVERABLES 4 SUMMARY MILESTONE SCHEDULE 5 PROJECT APPROVAL REQUIREMENTS 5 PROJECT MANAGER 6 AUTHORIZATION 7 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The Backcountry brand (company) has run the Annual Customer Appreciation Event (ACAE) for the past 10years but over the last four years, there have been a decline in total sales, participation, customer approval and revenue. This negative development had dented the reputation of the company which, in turn, lowered …show more content…

We will achieve all of the objectives on time within the $30,000 budget in collaboration with the stakeholders. Business Need/Case The objectives of the customer appreciation event has been identified which tends to meet some goals of the project and allows the successful completion of the event within the allotted time and budget. • The company targets to achieve an average of 80% customer satisfaction through the event. Through this event company aims to fulfill requirements of the customers who will be attending the event. • The company aims at increasing the customer participation from 20% to 40% so that it can create awareness about their products among larger group of customers. • The company wants to increase its revenue in the third quarter by 10% through this event by marketing its products among the customers attending the event and prompting them to buy some of the products as well. • Through this event, the company is hoping that customers attending the event sign up online for their new product line which would help in increasing their revenue. PROJECT DESCRIPTION The project focusses on organizing an annual customer appreciation event for the Backcountry Company in the Utah for 100 days. The company organizes the event each year for appreciating the customers and

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