Case Study: The Blue Lake

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The Blue Lake is an undeveloped land and much of this land has never been developed for human purpose. The land is now for sale and four groups of citizen are competing for control of the land. So each lab group will choose one of the four interest groups (business partners, developers, environmentalists, and neighbors) and explain their reason why it is best for that particular group to take over the land. As for my group, we choose to be the neighbors. Our purpose is to develop a small community where people can easily access to the things they need. What we want to include in the land are grocery store, downtown where all the stores and health clinic are, a small police station, homes, solar panels, park and trails, log cabins, hiking, climbing, etc. And something we want to exclude is we want to cut down some trees because we need space for the log cabins. We want a nice community where people can do outdoors activities and enjoy nature.

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