Essay on Case Study of “Does America Really Need Manufacturing”.

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Case Study of “Does America really need manufacturing”. Sriharsha Vennelaganti-Fs0792 1. Summary: In the case study we can see that the authors talk about the importance of innovation when it comes to the long-term success of every product company. By reading the article one gets an understanding that the authors are asking executives of any product company should not view manufacturing as a cost center and by shifting their manufacturing units offshore they are hindering a company’s capacity to innovate. In the end the authors give us different methods that a company can use to better improve their product line without shifting their manufacturing bases offshore and a way the government can help by providing policy incentives for the…show more content…
To be successful many large scale manufacturing operations must find a keen balance that addresses the more task-focused needs of the production process as well as the financial planning, oversight and control requirements of any major modern business organization. As I have mentioned couple of points in the above section, but here in this critique I will be talking about how sourcing can help a company to make a decision regarding keeping its manufacturing unit in United states. Modularity plays an important role in sourcing as we can see from the article, where modularity in product design can be seen as a way to new product development. Modularity in process design may speed new product manufacturing setup times, reduce costs, and enhance the profitability of the lower product volumes. Modular products tend to have fewer components for assembly and are therefore cheaper to assemble. Modules are created with some aspects of production in mind, however this modularization is done without understanding the implications of design. Although often yielding highly functional products, once the manufacturing process is over this unstructured modularization often leads to costly redesigns or expensive products. Modularity requires maintaining independence between components and processes in different modules, encouraging

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