Case Study on the Detrimental Effects of Major Internal Decision

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The problem in this case is that John Bramante came into his new position and started making major internal decisions. From these decisions came a negative impact on the city’s government plans that were already in place before he came into his position. The causes of this problem were that John Bramante made decisions without consulting with the city council. John started spending unnecessary amounts of money, changed the city’s purchasing process, and changing people’s positions within the city government. With that being said John also changed employee’s positions and there were no interviews conducted for people who were hired to new positions. All of these new decisions were implemented without any type of transitional period in …show more content…

My third recommendation would be for John Bramante to be put on a 90-day probationary period. This recommendation is in hopes that John will be able communicate better with the council and make better decisions overall. This will also show the pubic that the city government is doing something about the hasty decisions that are being made by the city manger. However the disadvantages to this is that this simply may not work or it may only work up until the probationary period is over and the cycle will happen all over again. After considering all the recommendations, it was determined that the best course of action would be to have all further decisions that are made by John Bramante to be approved my the majority of the city council members. This is the best choice because this assures that the city manger and the city council consult with each other when major decisions must be made. When it comes to how to implement this recommendation, it must be broken into three phases. The first being the “Defining” phase this will consist of the council members determining the rules and procedures to make this work. To do this the council must define what is considered a “major decision” and what is not. Then next will then be to determine what is meant by “majority vote”. The council must then come to an agreement on what will happen if majority of the council members do not approve of the decision purposed by city manger. Then finally the

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