Case Tools And Agile Systems

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Heritage Interactive System was created using a form of Agile Methodologies in that frequent feedback was needed from the Software Users to ensure the finished product would meet the needs of the Organization, and Customer. We are still using this methodology in modifying the system to keep up with the needs of our Customers, and internal processes. What was needed 4 years ago, when I began working at this Organization has been re-modeled several times, based on the needs of our industry and meeting our Customers’ needs along with the increase volume of information. There are several software development methodologies available when creating, and/or revising all Software Programs. In this paper, I am going to discuss CASE Tools and Agile…show more content…
During the experiment Taskware was held constant as the Macintosh and PC based CASE tools were developed to be used by Teams. The CASE tools evaluated were Deft 4.0, Iconix 4.0., System Architech 2, and Visibly Analysis 3.0. The model for Teamware was coordination technology, which included information sharing, by way of data sharing, enforcing consistency, and controlling concurrency. The model for Groupware was cooperstion technology and included time/meeting management. (Vessey & Sravanapudi, 1995) The Teamware model is addressing issues of, data should being viewable by team members at different workstations. Support for more than 1 development, and for large data sets. Consistency is measured by the software 's ability to notify the designer of changes that will affect their work. Also, the ability to make a part of the Software un-editable. Concurrency, allows a group to work on the same task simultaneously while using the same data. Also, to provide monitoring of users and modifications, and granting varying access levels to users as needed. The Groupware model is seeking to address the deficient areas of allowing feedback, and email with features such as new mail notification, email blasts, urgent feature, and time stamping. With regards to time management, allowing meeting requests to be placed on a team member’s calendar. Two independent coders evaluated the 4 CASE tools. The disagreements were reconciled by
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