Bsa 375 Week 2 Essay

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SR- rm-022 BSA/375 7/23/12 Part 1 – Project Context 1.1. Key Stakeholders In order to make a more accurate assessment of what you will need in your new HR system it is important that you involve key stakeholders of the company in the decision making process. The following is a list of the key stakeholders that should be included in the decision-making process: CEO-Dr. Michael Riordan is the boss of the entire company and the person behind making the corporate strategies. He is primarily concerned with the performances of the company as well as the services the company is providing to the customers and employees. So integrating a new HR system directly involves him because it involves the performance and service of the company.…show more content…
Another way of successfully gathering information is by building a prototype or model of the system, so that users can test or get an idea of what the finished product will be like. With this they can determine issues, problems, or inconsistency with the system. Another important part of gathering information is organizing it so that it can be understood and put to proper use. I propose categorizing the requirements into functional requirements, operational requirements, technical requirements, and transitional requirements. The functional requirements define how the user thinks the system is functioning overall, the operational requirements define what background processes need to be executed in order for the system to work optimally over a period of time, the technical requirements define what technical issues that must be addressed in order to successfully implement the system, and the transitional requirements define the processes or steps needed to implement the system smoothly and successfully. ("Mind Tools", 2012). 1.4. Project Scope The project scope statement is a key element in any new project. It is used to outline the results that the project will produce and the terms and conditions under which the work will be performed. Upper management, the requestor of the project and the project team need to all agree on the

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