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BA 560 Management of Information Technology
Oct, 18, 2012

Arbor Day Foundation Implements Constituent Relationship Management System

Case Summary
As the Arbor Day Foundation grew, leaders replaced its decades-old legacy system with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to rapidly develop and deploy customized constituent relationship management applications for its many conservation programs.

1. Why are changes to legacy ISs needed? Why were changes needed at the Arbor Day Foundation?

First, the old legacy IS was designed primarily for interactions with individuals in just a few of its existing outreach programs. As the Arbor Day Foundation grew, there are increasing partners and programs, so it needs to increase a more sophisticated
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Fifth, it will take more application development time to extend the old system.

4. Compare and contrast constituent relationship with customer relationship management.

Constituent relationship management is as group relationship management, whereas customer relationship management is as individual person relationship management. Managing relations with groups can be viewed as B2B transactions and customer relationship management can be viewed as B2C transactions. Business to business (B2B) means both the sellers and the buyers are business organizations. Business to customer (B2C) means the sellers are organizations, and the buyers are individuals.

The main difference between B2B and B2C is who the buyer of a product or service is.
B2B characteristic:
It has a complex and longer purchasing process, and the order can be repetitive and stable. It is focus on relationship management, and B2B need to keep that chain of command in mind. It has higher risk than B2C, because the investment sums are much higher. Purchasing the wrong product or service, the wrong quantity, the wrong quality or agreeing to unfavourable payment terms may put an entire business at risk. Since there are more people involved in the decision making process and technical details may have to be discussed in length, the decision-making process for B2B products is usually much longer than in B2C. Companies seek long term relationships as any experiment with a different brand will have impacts
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