Advantages Of B2B Products

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Designing B2B products vis-à-vis B2C products When we, at Edfora, set out to design B2B products such as SchoolPAT and HelloApp, the first question to be asked was - “How designing a B2B product should be different from designing a B2C product?”. Ideally, there should be no difference except the targeted user. All the differences in designing a product for the users inside an organization arise out of the differences in the nature of a B2B user vis-à-vis B2C user. Few of them can be listed as below: 1. Requirement Gathering Understanding requirements for a B2B product is a complex exercise as it involves understanding of the intricacies of a particular business. Most of the time UX practitioners are unable to develop any understanding of the business landscape and they view business transactions individually not in totality. The result of this becomes a bloated and complicated product with low usability. Due to these reasons, it becomes imperative that designers spend time understanding the wider landscape in which business transactions exist as a whole. Once they have knowledge of the business landscape, their interactions with users take a different meaning and they are able to come up with design which focuses on the customer interactions with the product in a holistic manner. 2. …show more content…

Iteration Speed Product development and release cycles are much bigger for B2B products compared to B2C products. For a B2C product, the product manager can always cut the list of features to focus on priorities and put a “Beta” logo to set the right expectations. But, this is not so easy with a B2B product where the product manager should ensure that the product quality and features match with the customer expectations. This is the reason B2C can be a lot quicker than B2B and it depends entirely on the execution speed whereas B2B products will take

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