Cases in Healthcare Finance

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This is a sample of the instructor resources for Cases in Healthcare Finance, Fourth Edition by Louis Gapenski. This sample contains the case questions, case solutions, instructor model, and PowerPoints for Chapter 4. The complete instructor resources consist of 268 pages of instructor’s notes including case questions and case solutions; instructor model spreadsheets; and 623 PowerPoint slides. If you adopt this text you will be given access to complete materials. To obtain access, e-mail your request to and include the following information in your message: • Book title • Your name and institution name • Title of the course for which the book was adopted and season course is taught • Course level (graduate,…show more content…
Model Description The model takes much of the busywork out of the case, enabling students to spend more time on interpretation and evaluation. Like most case models, the student and instructor versions differ only in regard to the input data. The instructor’s version contains the complete base case inputs, while these inputs are zeroed out in the student version of the model. The model for this case takes the input data (cost pool values and allocation rates) and allocates overhead costs from the three overhead departments to the three patient services departments using all four allocation methods. Additionally, the model calculates the profitability of each patient services department under each allocation method. The model’s (instructor’s version) Input Data and Key Output sections are as follows: Case 4 Solution Cases in Healthcare Finance Copyright 2010 Health Administration Press Case 4 - 2 Case Solution Because the case is nondirected, students have ample opportunity to be creative in their solution approaches. Thus, it is impossible to provide a single solution here that applies to every student’s work. As a starting point in evaluating students’ solutions, we provide a solution based on the questions in the online Case Questions section. However, this solution is merely a starting point, and student work should be graded at least as much on thought processes, assumptions used, creativity, and the ability to
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