Catawba River Basin

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What is a river basin? A river basin is an area of land that water flows across or under to make it’s way to a river. Just like a bathtub, it catches all the water that falls within its sides, and its sends all falling water to a central river or to its estuary. It drains all of the land around a major river. There basins can be divided into watersheds, or areas of land around a smaller river, stream, or lake. North Carolina is made up of many watershed that are connected to each other. In each watershed, all water flows to lowest point, to a stream, lake, river, or ocean. Everyone lives in a river basin and the actions you perform could help or harm the water quality of the river basin. You have an ecological address, and you can change what…show more content…
The Cape Fear River Basin is one of the four river basins completely contained within North Carolina, and is over 9,164 square miles. Cape Fear’s quality ranges from 35% of the streams contained in this basin considered to be threatened and 18% to be impaired by pollutants. Many toxic spills throughout the years have been one of the main causes to the low quality.During the last 5 years, investigators have reported 43 different incidents, which resulting in about one million fish being killed. The Catawba River Basin begins on the eastern slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains and flows east into Lake Wylie on the North Carolina-South Carolina border, ranging to 3,285 square miles in size. The Catawba river contains the most major dams of any North Carolina river. This river basin was named after the first tribe that settled in its banks. Today, the Catawba is the most densely populated river basin in the state, and is home to large variety of species that are very unique are rare. 16% of Catawba’s basin is impaired from polluted runoff from agricultural activities, construction, and stormwater. Agriculture and home or road construction are typical sources of sediment pollution. Several of the Catawba lakes are showing stress from excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus in runoff. In small amounts they are beneficial, but to much can trigger algae blooms. These can affect the taste of water and odor and
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