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With the Philippines choice of their own events, people are becoming ideal of this kind of catering services to have their own alternatives of food and location. Such an alternative for this is that catering provides what choice of food to be served and location and meet up can be made without any problems at all. These qualities of catering have made it popular among consumers who are
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Even before the US gained its independence, the colonies had many eateries. Places like general stores often also would sell food for people to eat right in the shop. Today many places have included the idea of shopping and eating. Many department stores have contracted other business to sell the food. For example Malls target other food services like Chowking Restaurant to sell in their establishments. As time progressed more public places such as hospitals started to serve often low-grade meals to those coming and going or working there. Other places such as colleges would serve their students in a “family-style” where the food would be brought out and the students would pass the dishes around. After World War II the food service industry really took off. Institutions, schools, and even non-food related businesses started to serve. Another thing that took off was the fast-food or quick-service idea. This included things like McDonalds or Wendy’s. Other business like Tamayo’s Catering Service, Restaurants and Flower Shop and Josiah’s Catering incorporated the concept of buffets with to-go or doggie-bags.
In each of these places the development of menus has been vital to the success of the establishment. Menus are simply a list of items that an establishment serves. Trends in the Food Service

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