Catfish Monologue

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Hi my dear friend x Hope you are ok and are having a nice week. It is rainy today and the temperature got down several degrees here, after of so many days so hot, at last, the rain and a little of cold arrived. I would have liked to write to you before, Ken, especially because since days ago I am thinking of you had to visit your doctor again this week, if I don't reckon wrong, and well, to tell you that I hope all is well with you. Oh! I can imagine your surprise when you realized that fish called 'Basa' was in reality catfish, OMG! How awful! I know what a catfish is, an ugly fish with mustaches, haha!!! Here, in Argentina, catfish is an adjective to describe to a woman too ugly, 'Oh! What did he see in her? She is a catfish!' -not that she

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