Catholic Hospitals And Health Care Policy

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Introduction The author will be discussing the issues that Catholic Hospitals face in regards to health care policy, and how the regulations of a Catholic hospital can sometimes be debilitating at providing patients different types of care. Catholic health care in the United States advances the health care ministry by caring for people and their communities. Catholic health care in the United States is comprised of more than 600 hundred hospitals and more than 1,400 long-term care and other facilities in all 50 states (Trancik, 2015). It has been analyzed that the Catholic health ministry is the largest group of nonprofit health care providers in the nation. Every day, one-in-six patients in the United States is cared for in a …show more content…

There are different types of health care categories that heavily affect Catholic institutions financially. Palliative care, for example, that strives to alleviate and to improve a patient’s quality of life by use of the holistic approach. Both Catholic and non-Catholic organizations offer palliative care; however, palliative care is closely in relation to ways of the Catholic ideal. Catholic institutions have developed palliative care at much higher rates than non-Catholic institutions. Trancik (2015) identifies, nearly three of four Catholic Hospitals have palliative care programs compared to one third of other US hospitals. While in many circumstances non-Catholic Hospitals may develop palliative care programs in order to meet a patients’ goals, if meeting a patients’ goal results in fewer hospital days and cost. However, Catholic health care systems strongly believe that providing palliative care provides an increased well-being for the patient while fulfilling the Catholic institutions theological values, which ultimately can lead to risk for financial burden in comparison with non-Catholic hospitals. Financial issues can be a significant problem in regards to Catholic hospitals, however, it is still being determined whether the Catholic practice is the best practice. In many instances Catholic Hospitals do not prescribe contraceptive and prohibit

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