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Cartoon Violence

In the cartoon, All Dogs Go to Heaven, the main character, a dog, dies. When he arrives in heaven, he receives a watch that allows him to return to earth. After viewing this scene, Matthew, a five-year old boy, asked his mother when his dog would get her watch. Matthew's dog passed away over a year ago, but because Matthew, as well as other children, is unable to separate real life from fiction; he believed that his dog would receive a watch and return to him.

Many types of violence are viewed in cartoons and because they are centered on the interest of children, children are at great risk of mimicking the actions and attitudes the characters portray. …show more content…

The plot of this cartoon is to stop Scar from taking over the kingdom. Simba returns from running away after the death of his father, King Mufasa, to learn that his uncle has taken control of the kingdom. In his effort to take the control back, Scar reveals that he is the one who killed King Mufasa, not Simba. Outraged in anger Simba puts Scar into exile. However, Scar does not want to leave, but instead fights Simba for the thrown. It seems this cartoon leads a child to think that if he/she wants something, then he/she needs to involve fighting and violence. "The Lion King" also shows Scars enemies, the hyenas, attacking him because he betrays them. When children watch this cartoon, they may mimic what they see. Children should learn to be verbal instead of physical when resolving their problems.

"Forty-six percent of all television violence takes place in children's cartoons. Children's programs are least likely to depict the long-term consequences of violence (five percent) and they portray violence in a humorous fashion sixty-seven percent of the time" (Baby Bag Online).

"Gargoyles" appear to be a non-violent and an appropriate cartoon for children when the cartoon first starts by telling the audience the setting. For example, this cartoon takes place in Manhattan, New York where the Gargoyles turn into stone because a spell cast upon

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