Cause And Effect Essay On Social Anxiety

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None of us are strangers to the feeling of anxiety, after all we are all humans. Nervousness, worries, and unease over situations are a common thing for everyone. It might be public speaking, meeting a new person, or being surrounded by a crowd of strangers. These events aren’t exactly thrilling to everyone but most of us get over it. However, when these uncomfortable feelings morphs into fear to an illness is when life starts becoming a nightmare. How can one live a normal life when even walking in public seems to bring up feelings of intense fear? This is especially in the case of those with social anxiety, a social phobia, in which sufferers describe their condition as intense and persistent often taking over their social life and professional life due to fear of rejection and disappointment. For people with social anxiety, activities that induces feelings of anxiety even for normal people, will be extremely stressful for them, completely overwhelming to the point of leading to a panic attack. Common symptoms include inhibition of speech, frequent slips of tongue, difficult breathing, and nausea (U.Penn). In extreme cases, it feels as if you are under surveillance at all times. When this occurs during childhood, without proper care, it can have lasting devastating consequence and effect that may continue into adult life. Those that live with this mental disorder, wishes to rid themselves of such liability by seeking help through therapies. Unfortunately, not everyone

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