Cause And Effects Of Prohibition

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In the early twentieth century, the American government attempted to put a stop to the alcohol epidemic that had plagued Americans for decades. They banned the drinks that had ruined families, people, and households for generations in order to create a safer, better America, but their efforts turned average Americans into liars and criminals all for a sip of giggle water, until eventually the United States sprang into chaos merely because of alcohol. The Prohibition began in 1917 when the US Senate passed the Volstead Act which stated, “ No one shall manufacture, sell, purchase, transport, or prescribe any liquor without first obtaining a permit from the commissioner so to do...” (U.S. Cong. Senate), and afterwards the 18th Amendment was ratified and all alcohol was banned in America by 1920. In the beginning, the Prohibition was wildly effective with a vast decrease in alcohol consumption, however, it did not take long for the people to turn to illegal means of obtaining their liquor. Also, along with the lack of alcohol came another problem with the economy due to the decline in liquor sales and amusement at theatres, restaurants, and many other establishments which lead to the loss of thousands of jobs. Thus, turning the Prohibition into a great mistake as each state fell into disarray as crime rings sprang up across the nation to distribute the illegal spirits, and shops and businesses were shut down and the people were left unemployed. Although there have been a

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