Cause And Effects Of Tsunamis

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Tsunamis are some of the most powerful and deadliest piece of nature. Within history, you may recall the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami and the 2011 Japan Tsunami.

The Indian Ocean tsunami happened after a massive earthquake hit somewhere south of the Indian Ocean. The energy from the earthquake itself released more than every single explosive that was detonated in world war 2 including the nuclear bombs. The earthquake caused Tsunamis all the way up to 30 meters high. The wave smashed into Indonesia, South Asia, and the west coast of Africa. Punching as deep as 2 kilometers inland in some places. The damage in these places was often extensive.

The Indian Ocean tsunami caused the most deaths, while the Japan tsunami was the costliest in terms of damage. That tsunami was also caused by an earthquake that caused tsunamis as high as 40.5 meters, only 5 meters short of the height of the Statue of Liberty. Which slammed into the Japanese east coast that came 10 kilometers inland in some places. An estimated 300 billion dollars in damage was done, which is higher than all of South Africa's GDP.

But those class of tsunamis is called “ Regular Tsunamis ”. When there is a whole new class of tsunamis that are simply called, “ Mega Tsunamis. A normal tsunami is most likely caused by an earthquake, but these Mega Tsunamis are normally caused by massive landslides or objects hitting the water.

A recent time of this happening is in Italy, in 1963. The Italian government and a

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