Cause Of Government Failure

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Government failures is said to be the loss resulting from government intervention in the marketplace. The failure is an outcome of policies that are used to regulate trade which create systemic inefficiencies and economic costs that adversely affect a product's manufacture and sales. It is basically is an economic concept, similar to market failure, but it is more damaging. Government failure occurs when a ruler forces people to do things that the people are otherwise unwilling to do and the results are inefficient and ineffective for the society.
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Some of the government failures include:

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The estimated social benefits of a particular policy might be largely effected by the administrative costs of introducing it.
8- Tragedy of the Commons
Anything owned by the government has a tendency to be overused and under serviced. Private ownership will protect the asset better and will manage its use better. And hence, it will cause a huge government failure.
9- Legislation Process
Another major cause of government failure is the legislative process itself, since it allows legislators to insert preferential items into large complex bills where other representatives are forced to either vote for or against the bill as a whole. Legislators cannot approve the bill without also approving the line items, so if the overall bill is desirable, then legislators will probably approve the bill in spite of the objectionable line items.
10- Corruption:
In most of the developing countries, either the govt. or the officials of government tried to corrupt with the society and hence prove the inequality between other people. This cause the government failure and the society fairness vanish away.
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