Cause Of Novarupta

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The eruption of Novarupta in June 1912 left the nearby Alaskan town of Kodiak covered in such thick ash that natives couldn't see a lantern held at arms length (“Mysteries of Canada”). Volcanic eruptions like Novarupta are immensely dangerous and detrimental if populated areas are close. Luckily, this eruption was in a secluded area that was miles away from nearby cities, so it did not cause chaos, but the outcome could have been copiously worse. What was the cause of the seemingly precipitous Novarupta eruption? Scientist believe they have found the cause of Novarupta recently. The Katamai volcanoes, which Novarupta is a part of, are situated in a subduction zone. That is, essentially, an area where one tectonic plate moves below another
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