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Can Computer Cause Visual Problems?
Nowadays, societies have constantly developed and in many countries have transformed into a modern society completely. Human beings invent many technologies to meet their own needs and for society. Technology has created a lot of comfort for humans, but because of this convenience, people are increasingly dependent on technology. The technology that influences humans today is computers, including smartphones. Computers are one of the most advanced technologies that people made. It has a variety of capabilities that can be used in various tasks, learning, searching, entertaining and communicating. That makes computers and technologies come into every place where people live. For example, in companies, employees use computers to store information and to communicate with customers. In schools, colleges, and universities, students use computers to study and research information. In houses, people use computers for entertainment and contact with others, etc. Internet World Stats found that internet users in 2017 reached 51.7% of the total population in the world. The American vision center revealed in the past decade that computer use among children in the United States has become pervasive. Statistics show that 94 percent of American families with children have a computer in their home with access to the Internet. The Nielsen Company audience report reveals that adults in the United States devoted about 10 hours and 39 minutes each day to

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