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Impact of Technology On Society Sesan Akerewusi University of Windsor Abstract Technology surrounds us and has dramatically affected the way we live in this present society. From entertainment devices such as the television, communication devices such as the iPhone, life-saving devices such as defibrillators and educational devices such as Microsoft and Apple computers, technology appears to have numerous benefits in certain fields of human life. Today, technology and human lifestyle are like a set that cannot be separated. According to research conducted by technology enthusiast Lulu Chang, the average human spends an alarming 4.7 hours a day on his/her phone, and 8.4 hours a day on media devices in general (Chang, 2015). We live in an …show more content…

Before, people used to leave their homes to communicate with friends through places such as the bar, café, or even going for a walk. Now, technology has made communication so much easier. With applications such as Skype, Facebook and iMessage, we are able to instantly message our friends without spending money, time or energy to commute. Overall, messaging applications have made communication easier, quicker, cheaper and more efficient – all four are demands of which most humans look for when performing tasks. However, there are times when technology usage is more than we should take. Television for example can easily prevent a family from communicating. With 24 hours of nonstop broadcasting news and entertainment, some families can sit through these programs for hours without saying a single word to each other. According to a survey conducted by the Mirror, the average parent spends only 34 minutes with their children a day (Maughan, 2015). Over 2,000 parents surveyed had admitted to being too tired or busy to spend time with their children. With 24 hours in a day, if the average human spends 8 hours a day sleeping (Bjarki, 2015), 7-12 hours a day working or going to school (Ferro, 2015), and 8.4 hours on media devices (Chang, 2015), communication among friends, family members and the outside world in general is expected to be at its concerning lowest. According to research by the telegraph, 65.8% of children under 10 years old own smartphones

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