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Effects of pressures on students
Cause and effect essay
That today’s children have been pressured in the society is now considered to be a normal statement. As the world has been increasingly competitive, each person just has to struggle for what is best for him or her. Especially for parents, they all aspire to see their children successful in their lives.
The offspring are pushed to study hard in order to get into a reputable university. In many Asian countries, the pressure to perform on high-stakes college entrance examinations and academic competitions is so high that it puts an anxious pressure on many students. Frequently, parents are also the fact that puts even more pressure on their children.
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Besides, some alcoholics have got a peer pressure as they are seen to be cool in their society. They just want to be acceptable by their friends. To someone’s surprise, 30 per cent of teenagers have been offered and sold drugs during one year in the survey (Availability, 2007).
The consumption of drugs and alcohol has been widespread for many generations. Being on this track

is prone to destructive health; for instances, liver damage failures and heart or respiratory failure
(Health, n.d.).
On account of students are persuaded to get good grades, it is coherent that they could do drastic actions. Unfortunately, some students decide to cheat on the exam or plagiarize their assignments. This included copying from another person’s work material in academic activities and unauthorized communication during the time student taking the examination. For a concrete example of this, in Mahidol University International College policy, any charges of academic dishonesty would be controlled the committee (Cheating, n.d.). The students will be investigated for an academic punishment, comprising suspension or removal from the academic program in the university (ibid,
n.d.). They will automatically get a grade of F on every subject in examination, for all courses (ibid,
In conclusion, parents should be aware of this issue. Most of them are unrealized that they hurt their children
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