Cause and Effect on Smoking Cigarettes Essay

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Smoking is Unhealthy for Everyone

Smoking cigarettes is hazardous to the body for many reasons, and it also affects not only human beings but our environment. Smoking cigarettes can be harmful to both the environment and humans because of the many chemicals and substances that produce this hazardous product.
Smoking cigarettes reduces your ability to do things that require endurance, such as sports, and exercise. The tar in the cigarettes covers up alveoli, which help you breathe, which makes for less surface area for gas exchange. In other words, you must breathe more to get the same amount of oxygen as if you didn’t smoke. So the effect that has on sports is that you will get tired quicker due to the lack of oxygen, which inevitably
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Emphysema destroys the lung tissue which results in the obstruction of airflow and causes inflammation and irritation of airways that can add to airflow obstruction. The immune cells in the lungs, whose job it is to prevent and fight infection, are also affected by the cigarette smoke. They cannot fight bacteria as effectively or clear the lungs of the many particles (such as tar) that cigarette smoke contains. Society smoke cigarettes in order to make them happy or to make them feel like they can relieve their problems from using this product. However, if they learn to channel this energy and budget into something more positive it can help with their health and financial stability as well. Smoking cigarettes can be harmful to not only the person smoking them but the people that are around them as well. For example a mother that smokes cigarettes in her home is not only risking her health but her children health as well. The children can have asthma or bronchitis growing up and this can be harmful to their health when they are trying to grow up and be healthy adults. The start to form a habit that progresses through each generation of the family and like a domino effect everyone in the family is prone to this expensive and unhealthy habit. The children have cancer growing up or
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