Causes And Effects Of Deforestation

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One of the primary and notable effects of Deforestation is Climate change, specifically in Global Warming. Climate change is defined as the changing in our planet’s temperature and is considered as the effect of deforestation. On the other hand, global warming refers to the fact that the average temperature on Earth is significantly rising and the period of warming is occurring more rapidly than before. Losing trees and forests will affect the carbon sink and the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere, resulting in more carbon dioxide appeared, more heated being trapped. As a result, the global temperature is significantly rising, hence, causing climate change and global warming. The author of the article “Climatic Effects of Amazonian Deforestation: Some Results from ABRACOS” concluded that “Observations at the local scale show that deforestation produces an immediate change in the surface climate. The reduced evaporation and increased sensible heat flux in dry season pasture produce the strongest effect, with higher daytime temperatures being the most obvious feature” (Gash & Nobre, 1997).
The loss of trees and forest also leads to the higher chance of natural disasters, especially Flood and Drought. The journalist from The New York Times suggested that One Princeton study suggested that deforesting the Amazon could potentially contribute to drought in places as far away as California, while other research indicated that recent droughts in Texas and New Mexico might be linked
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