Amazon Rainforest Sea Level

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In these next couple paragraphs I am going to tell you how Global Warming affects Sea Levels, Coral Reefs, and Tropical Rain Forest. The Sea levels have been rising majorly. The Coral Reefs have been decreasing. The Amazon Rain Forest have been having droughts.

The Sea Level has increased over the past 200 years as average global temperatures have increased. The rise is due to two factors, the freshwater being added to the oceans from ice melt in the cryosphere, and the thermal expansion of the oceans due to rises in sea temperature. The sea level has risen 6 to 8 inches in the past 100 years. It is predicted to rise another 50 to 90 centimeters in the next century. As the sea level rises it’s jeopardizing rapidly growing coastal communities, which causes evacuation in some areas causing people to lose their homes. Sea level is the effect …show more content…

This plays a crucial role in the precipitation cycle of South America and pumps oxygen into the atmosphere.Thousands of square miles of rainforest are cut down each year, releasing global warming pollution in the form of carbon dioxide and methane from burning and decaying vegetation. Deforestation disrupts the water cycle by allowing water to runoff directly to rivers rather than being trapped in soil and vegetation and slowly released throughout the year. This makes the forest more vulnerable to drought and the further loss of trees and release of global warming pollution. As of the results the researchers predict it will be a dessert by 2050. This causes the animals and plant their to die or extinct forever which may affect us in long terms.This shrinking of the Amazon rainforest is a major reason why scientists predict that vegetation will shift from its current state as a carbon sink to a carbon source by the middle of the

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