Causes And Influences Of The Great Depression

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The Great Depression is a period synonymous with excruciating poverty and darkness worldwide. It can be said that an undeniable impact was felt upon all of the world’s nations - although it can also be said that not all countries were affected negatively. At the time, the majority of the powers of the world were - for the most part - all very much entwined both politically and economically. Thus, the research from this point on will cover not only what caused the depression, but how it impacted each of the major powers of the Asia-Pacific, those being; the United States, China, Japan, and Russia (the former USSR). An in depth analysis of the Great Depression reveals that the United States suffered huge losses, while China, Japan, and the Soviet Union were relatively unaffected.

Cause of Great Depression:
Let’s begin by exploring the major causes and influences of the great depression. The most common belief held by many is that the great depression was triggered by the crash of the stock market in 1929, however while human nature requests that things fall into simplistic narrative (Ie. stocks crash, therefore economy follows suit) there is in reality no simple, concise answer to what caused the great depression. In the case of the stock market crash, it is simply a case of correlation not equaling causation. Just because the depression occurred soon after the stock market crash, does not mean it caused it.

The roaring twenties was a fantastic time full of large scale

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