Causes Of Chronic Pancreatitis

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Introduction of the Disease
The pancreas is a vital organ in the body and has two main functions. The pancreas is not only the organ that regulates blood sugar by releasing insulin, but it also plays a vital role in digestion. The endocrine and exocrine functions of the pancreas work in conjunction with the rest of the body to allow everyday functioning to occur. Pancreatitis however, (inflammation of the pancreas) manifests itself in two forms, acute or chronic. Croghan (2014) details the process as ranging from mild edema to a severe hemorrhage (Croghan, 2014. Pg. 1030). With 210,000 people being affected each year in the United States, Pancreatitis possesses a major health risk to the population at large.

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Gallstones are more common in women and are the predominant cause of pancreatitis. While the etiology for men is mostly dependent on chronic alcohol consumption which in return leads to chronic pancreatitis (Croghan, 2014. Pg. 1030). Pancreatitis occurs accompanied by the formation of biliary sludge. Croghan (2014) describes biliary sludge or microlithiasis as a mixture of cholesterol crystals and calcium salts. This occurs in conjunction with bile stasis. Biliary sludge is found in 20-40% of patients with acute pancreatitis (Croghan, 2014, pg. 1030). Other causes of the disease are attributed to, hypertriglyceridemia, trauma and viral infection, duodenal ulcer, Kaposi sarcoma, cystic fibrosis, metabolic disorders and vascular disease. However, hypertriglyceridemia is the most common cause. Hypertriglyceridemia occurs when serum levels exceed 1000 mg/dL (Croghan, 2014, pg. 1030). Developing pancreatitis often is dependent on a set of particular risk factors. These include smoking, drinking and a high fat …show more content…

1031). During a physical assessment of the patient a health care provider might find, tenderness upon palpating the abdomen accompanied by guarding by the patient, and also a decrease in bowel sounds and abdominal distention. Some of the other clinical manifestations that Croghan (2104) include; crackles in the lungs, a yellowish/brown tent to the abdomen, Grey Turner's Spots and Cullens sing (Croghan, 2014, pg.

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