Causes Of Climate Change

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Climate Change
Usually people pay attention on daily weather changes and how the weather will be through the week or the month, but do we pay attention on climate change how it affects our lives. Did we ask ourselves what are the causes of climate change? How climate change impacts our activities? Can we do something to solve this big issue before to turn to a big disaster? These questions make me think deeply how we work to solve this problem because the earth is the only place so far we can live on it. Climate change has become a worldwide problem and this issue affects human lives, environment, social and economic. The change in climate has serious impacts on our natural ecosystem and as human we should face it before causing great catastrophe such as water availability, agriculture, rising sea levels and health. Many studies recognize that sign of change is increasing in average temperatures, snow and rainfall, patterns are shifting, and extreme climate events are becoming more common in our days. These changes are expected to grow if we don’t solve the issues or the causes of climate change.
First what is climate change? Climate change is an imbalance in typical climatic conditions such as heat, wind patterns and precipitation that characterize every region on earth. When we talk about climate change at the global level, we mean changes in the Earth's climate in general. The pace and magnitude of long-term global climate changes have enormous impacts on natural

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