Spain Anti Corruption Essay

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Spain has been suffering for the recent few years because of the corruption. Many countries have corruption and most of us know about them but they still have relationships with other countries. Also, many countries have bribery, people who work with the government take money or things such as gifts and tickets to travel for free from the citizens to facilitate applicant conversely. In addition, this can hurt people’s rights and living. However, Spain government and citizen should be a one hand to regret of this corruption.
Spain government should solve this problem to improve citizens live and rights. According to, “To stop grand corruption scandals and end systemic corruption the Spanish government must act immediately. The first step should be to reverse the appointment of the anti-corruption prosecutor who has been widely called into question for a potential lack of impartiality given his links to the ruling party”. This means that they must start with the anti-corruption prosecutor because they corruption might be from them and to improve the country situation, they must start with the people who work with the government.
In the other hand, the companies are not affected by the corruption in Spain, so the most party who are affected are the citizens. According to, “There is no evidence suggesting that corruption in the courts is an obstacle for businesses in Spain. Companies experience the judicial system as

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