Causes Of Hegemony

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hegemony will make a strong country easy to launch a war, to seize the colonies, thus breaking the balance of power.
Hegemony has created a power imbalance for the First World War in one of the causes of the outbreak. The content of the First World War was the hegemony of the imperialist countries. Western major powers have strong military and comprehensive strength, so they wantonly plunder the colonies, bully small countries and regions, carve up the sphere of influence. They all want to become kingdom to dominate the world of imperialism. “By destroying France as a Power, Germany would destroy the balance of power in Europe, and would threaten to bring Britain's global supremacy to an end.” We can see that when some countries are too powerful to be called the overlord To the interests of small countries, so the surrounding countries tend to be united, because the defeat of hegemony is equal to save their own. So hegemony to people to bring no good, only the dispute. The largest empire, the territorial area of about a quarter of the world, France also has a lot of colonies. Before Europe has been in peacetime, the gradual establishment of alliances between countries, but each alliance will involve a lot of interest. At the end of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, France and Germany continued to have friction, especially in colonial issues. Because France is the second colonial power after the United Kingdom, North Africa became the important place for their

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