Causes Of Militarism

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World War I happened in July 28, 1914, but still to this day historians are unable to pin-point what exactly triggered WWI to start. Militarism, can be seen as the major factor that lead WWI to start, militarism is the policy of maintaining a strong military and a glorification of military strength. This can be seen as the major cause of WWI because militarism grew tension between powers. Which was significant because it caused militarism to increase numerous factors such as nationalism and imperialism. Once militarism was at a certain level where powers were competing over raw materials, it caused the increase of imperialism. Imperialism got to a point where powers wanted to become the most powerful country of them all causing tension between rivals, which at the end increased nationalism because every country wanted to prove the fact that their country were better than any other country. which were all part of the domino effect, as a result of the domino effect was the starting of WWI. This is how militarism was the cause of WWI because it caused the domino effect which caused WWI to begin. The arm race caused great tension between the two greatest rivals, which were Germany and Russia. Russia had the largest army with 5,962,000 standing troops, while Germany had the second largest army with 4,000,000 standing troops. Germany was particularly anxious about Russia, because Russia increased their defense expenditure and Germany thought the Russia’s potential resources were

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