Causes Of Murder Rates

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This map clearly connects with the information i have gathered of the rate of homicides in different places of Chicago.As for the places i nominated to have a concentrated pattern, we can see that there is also a high number of gang activities.This gives us the idea that the gang activities causing the homicides may be because of fighting to own many large hoods.The other reason for the increase in homicides in some places is because after the gentrification gang groups were forced into one place and became squashed.This caused war as to which gang shall rule the neighbourhoods. This causes high murder rates in south and west of Chicago.The gangs which are in the south include the BlackGangster disciples which own the largest of all and …show more content…

If you think about who's doing the shootings, they're spur of the moment. They are indicative of poor affect regulation, poor impulse control. And when you look at who does those kinds of things, it's children who were exposed to fetal alcohol.
If you go into these poor communities, you see a plethora of liquor stores. And what's happening is that women - in this case, African-American women - don't know they're pregnant for the first month or two. They're engaging in social drinking causing fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in children. And so when you fast forward 17, 18 years later, look in the juvenile detention center, three-fourths of the children in those facilities can read - have something that looks like ADHD, have speech and language disorders, have poor impulse control, have poor social judgment. That's all fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
The other reasons i think is because of lower education esteem in those areas and poorness,gang activities and drugs unlike other cities.As they said,violence in Chicago goes way back,Gangster life has already ruined many things and most of the people there say that nothing can change them.Some people say that they have

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