Gang Violence During The 19th Century

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¨Gang members have been responsible for 61 percent of all homicides [in Chicago] in 2011, up from 58.7 percent in 2010¨ (Hidden America). These are some of the few disturbing statistics about gang violence in Chicago; however, as many people do not know, gangs have not always been about drugs and violence. In the early 19th century, gangs are not what people perceive them to be today. Gangs in the 19th century were volunteers with the fire department back in the Antebellum Period, which is the period before the civil war and after the War of 1812. As time went on and as the professional firemen forced the volunteers to break up, they started spreading apart. Then by the late 19th century, gangs started developing on the south side. This is …show more content…

As the years went by, and as white ethnic gangs began growing, white gangs started discriminating against other races, which would affect the remaining course of race relations. In 1869, male African Americans were able to vote, which helped the Republicans advance in the elections. Therefore, white ethnic gangs started terrorizing the African Americans. The white ethnic gangs, ¨[t]aking names like the Shielders and the Boundary Gang, white gangs patrolled the “color line” through the 1930s. These activities intensified with the accelerated migration of black southerners during World War II, prompting the Mayor 's Commission on Human Relations in 1946 to establish a Juvenile Bureau to investigate the role of youth groups in anti-black violence¨ (Diamond). As a defense against the racial violence, African Americans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans gangs rapidly increased all throughout the 1950s. The African American, Mexican, and Puerto Rican gangs made their marks around the city and have been known for taking over a neighborhood all throughout the 1960s. The Puerto Rican gangs resided in Humboldt Park; the Mexican gang brimmed Pilson and 18th street, and the African American gangs stayed by the South and West sides. Many of the people who join gangs are very young, ranging

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