Causes Of Natural Disasters

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Natural Disasters Most people fear natural disasters because the damage that comes after them is always unknown. Natural disasters have gradually increased because of global warming, the increase in earth’s temperature has increased hurricanes and wildfires. Not only are they more frequent, but costs of repair have skyrocketed due to damage caused in the environment and the societies. Natural disasters don’t only affect the location of the disaster, it also has an impact on social-economy and the area population. What we know as a catastrophic event in a populated area, is not considered a natural disaster in a deserted location. The severity of a natural disaster is measured by economic loss and ability of population rebuild. Some of the most common types of natural disasters: hurricanes, wildfires, and droughts are examples. Although the outcomes and severity are different for all three, they are all harmful. In the past few months, hurricane season has been around, and we’ve all had an insight into what this natural disaster is capable of. Multiple hurricanes were the cause of cities being completely destroyed, people left homeless, and loss of business. Hurricanes, or Tropical Cyclones, occur when oceans have been warmed during summer months. They form when the warm air rises and leaves low-pressure air below it. Air from other areas, which have high pressure, go into the low-pressure area which causes the air to rise because it becomes warm. The air then starts to
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