Causes Of Obesity In Western Countries

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Obesity in Western Countries: Causes and Implications
Over the past two-decades obesity has risenn at an alarming rate globally and now is reaching epidemic proportions in the western and industrialized countries… USA. Obesity prevalence in the United states is among the highest globaly as its obesity rate is projected to climb from today’s 30-40% today to a shocking 70% in 20301 . In particular, childhood obesity exhibited the highest growth rate today, tripling the percentage of children over the past three decades CDC. Obese individuals have a higher risk of developing type two diabetes mellitus (T2DM), hypertension, dyslipidemia, cardiovascular disease (CVD), liver dysfunction, sub-fertility, psychological comorbidity3. The
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According to the obesogens hypothesis, the trend arose from exposure to obesity-inducing environmental pollutants referred to as obesogen chemicals,. Obesogens can be found in virtually everything you interact with on a daily basis from water bottles and shower curtains to register receipts and can be ingested in multiple ways such as ingestion of food and water, inhalation of dust, air or particles and passed on via pregnancy Subrict WHO. Originally EDC’s were not known to be hazardous to people and were common ingredients in many products which is partially credited to their widespread. Obesogens disrupt hormonal function to induce obesity, and so thus can be considered a class of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs )HERE. EDCs are exogenous chemical with the capacity to disrupt general hormone function. One study Paola examined the effects of prenatal exposure to low doses of obesogens on postnatal growth and neurobehavioral in mice. The obesogen mirrored estrogens functionally and bound intracellularly to estrogen receptors to mediate the transduction of disruptive cascades. The study showed that EDCs can target beta and alpha cells in the pancreas, fat cells, and liver cells, and induce insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.Paola. The study showed that rats during fetal life experience a heightened sensitivity to hormones as critical organs like the brain are
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