Causes Of Police Brutality

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"Acts of police brutality can also constitute torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment. As such, they would be human rights violations under the Convention against Torture" ("Police Brutality"). Even though acts of police brutality are considered illegal, police and other law enforcement officers still commit the crime every day. These actions of brutality set an example for the public, which in turn increases racism and aggression. Those who have survived acts of extreme policing are left with mental and physical scars. They live in fear of the police; in fear of those whose job it is to serve and protect the public. The causes of police brutality are inadequate police training, corruption in the justice system, and racial profiling.
Police officers cause harm when they are not properly trained to deal with certain situations they find themselves in. Officers of the law graduate from police academy and are thrown into the real world where their actions have consequences. If they draw their gun and shoot someone, the bullet is real and they're not in a simulation with carboard cutouts. When an officer finds themselves in a circumstance they were not trained for, the first instinct is often to shoot. They may be afraid of the situation, and in trying to protect themselves, they cause harm to others. Many law enforcement officers do not communicate their actions clearly with the public. They often reach for a gun rather than trying to deescalate the situation. In a

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