Causes Of The Age Of Exploration

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The Age of Exploration began because Europeans desired a quick route to India for spices and silk. This exploration led to the rediscovery of the Americas by the Europeans. The Spanish were quick to send conquistadors to establish colonies in Central America. A long period later the English were finally unified enough to establish their own thirteen colonies north of the Spanish in North America. The founders of each colony were gradually given the right to establish a colony by the English Crown. The geography, population, and degree of colonial influence shaped the colonies into distinct regions. By the Middle of the seventeenth century, the thirteen colonies developed, in their respective region of the North, South, or Middle, economically, socially, and politically different practices.
The thirteen colonies developed economically different by region due to the differing geography. The Northern Region did not have the right soil for large scale farming so their economy was not based on agriculture. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was full of trees and located on the bay so the economy was based on shipbuilding. The proximity to the ocean and access to large amounts of lumber made the Northern Region perfect for an economy based in shipbuilding. This led to the colony being built around ports and harbors. In contrast, the Southern Region had very fertile soil and therefore based their economy around agriculture. The Maryland Colony had a very warm climate which was well

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