Causes Of The American Revolution Dbq

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The American Revolution Massacres in the streets, abuse from English Parliament, and acts oppressing colonists; All of these were evident in events leading up to the American Revolution. The Revolutionary War was a display of colonist patriotism, and the reason for American independence today. Leading up to it, Britain tightened their hold on the colonies by restricting them and passing unfair laws and taxes. The American Revolution began after the colonists sent the Declaration of Independence to King George III in July, 1775, in which the colonies claimed independence from Britain. After the Battle of Yorktown in 1781, General Charles Cornwallis of the British army surrendered to the colonists, and they had officially gained independence. Though, were the colonists right to wage war and gain independence from Britain? Yes, they were justified in revolting against England because the acts were unfair, the British occupation in colonists territory, and the violation of rights taking place. The colonists were right to break away because the acts imposed by Britain were unfair. As stated in Document B of the DBQ, acts like The Townshend Act and The Stamp Act were unconstitutional and not reasonable. They were, “Destructive to these colonies”(Document B), and Britain used them to dump their duties upon the colonies. The were unfair because the colonists, who were already working for Britain, had to pay for the weighty debts of a war they never chose to begin. The Proclamation
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