Causes Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution is the most important time in all of American history. This brought the birth of a new country and the treasured constitution. In the beginning, colonists were proud to be British. In the years to come, there were small occurrences that bothered the colonists and led to the Revolution. Other countries contributed to the start of a crueller British control. The French and Indian War caused King George III to introduce expensive taxes (Pavao). These taxes came about because, of the expensive supplies he had to give to the colonists (Pavao). Many reasons have led up to the colonists to fight for their freedom and revolutionize a country. These reasons involved trade, harsh British taxes, being separated by an ocean, …show more content…

The year 1763 marked the end of The French and Indian War, this left Britain with hundreds of millions in debt (Domitrovic). To rise out of debt, Britain introduced a series of taxes on goods. The Stamp Act was imposed to tax every printed paper that was used. Continuing with navigation taxes, The Sugar Act left American colonists to pay taxes on sugar that was shipped and received. Feeling the oppression of unfair taxes, colonists turned to smuggling goods from other countries and finding cheaper options for selling and receiving goods. To stop the illegal smuggling, parliament sent custom officials to guarantee the collection of taxes. Becoming more furious, colonists showed their opposition of the taxes by creating “No taxation without representation” (Domitrovic). Furthermore, a large advantage that America had on Britain, before and during the Revolution was the Atlantic Ocean. This separation meant a delay in supplying troops, and communication (Schamotta). With communication being a problem for Britain, colonists could use this to their advantage. In 1765 Britain introduced the Quartering Act, this made it legal for troops to house in colonist’s homes (Schamotta). This led to revolts, that wouldn’t have consequences right then. More freedom was now being felt, as a result of the prolonged communication. This feeling of freedom, by the sea, gave a new insight of how colonists could start a Revolution. With increasing

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