Causes Of The American Revolution

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The American Revolution was a complex era, 1760 to 1815, with multiple radical revolutions occurring simultaneously each having different results and at times conservative counterrevolutions that together forged the first democratic republic, the United States of America. The American Revolution began as colonies reacting to British policies, but by 1776 the newly independent states were proactive in forwarding their own revolutionary goals. Furthermore, the individual states and their diverse demographics had their own internal driving forces that propelled their own vision of the revolution era. The combination of events from 1760 to 1812 resulted in a fundamentally radical change from thirteen British colonies to an independent union of many states. The Revolutionary Era was inspired by both radical and conservative ideas. The era was the pinnacle of the colonist process of Anglicization. The British colonies over the course of the 18th century grew more patriotically British, because of the following: the success of world wars, the growth of Protestantism, the rise of consumer culture, and the dissemination of information. Britain’s goals from 1763 to 1773 were to centralize Indian affairs, raise money to pay debt, make colonist pay for their own defense, strengthen colonial governors. Parliament altered their policy from salutary neglect to centralized control from England that propelled disgruntled colonist to take British means of protest and resistance. Forms of

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