Causes Of The Great Awakening

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4. "Explain the causes of the Great Awakening, and describe its effects on American religion, education, and politics."
Over time people felt that religion was dying, and not many people really had one or practiced one, people felt that they needed to revive religion and this was known as the Great Awakening. This Great Awakening started with the fundamentals of religion, and tried to bring people back to christianity. John Edwards was like the leader, he was the head preacher and explained that good salvation game from God and not from doing good. During this Great Awakening, there was another preacher who soon came along, his name was George Whitefield. George Whitefield brought emotion out of people, he was a great speaker, but …show more content…

Since people were always busy working and doing other things, their spare time was for practicing their religion and worshiping. People’s hobbies and things they liked to do such as painting and other arts were also a waste of people's time. Reading was not very common either, not only were they a waste of time but they were also very expensive as well. One of the people who printed books and papers in New York was a man named John Peter Zenger, he wrote about things against the governor and was soon sent to prison because of these acts.
6. "Describe the basic features of colonial politics, including the role of various official and informal political institutions."
Royal colonies were colonies that were given governors directly from the king. There were eleven colonies, eight of them were royal colonies, and the other three were proprietary colonies which mean that the people that controlled them were local proprietors. Most governors in these colonies got the job done and did a lot for their colonies, but there were some that became corrupt. More people were beginning to be able to vote, although it was limited to only men who were white, more white men were able to vote as well. Land did not limit people anymore, this was one of the things that affected this voting system. In the government more people were using reasoning and logic to solve government

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