Causes Of The Haitian Revolution

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The Haitian Revolution was a very successful anti-slavery and anti-colonial against French colonial rule in Saint Domingue, or present day Haiti, by self motivated colored slaves. This French colony of Saint Domingue was well known for their production of sugar which provided a great percentage of France’s income, but in return France was always replacing these “workers” due to Saint Domingue high death rate. Many slaves rarely lasted longer than ten years once arrived on the island. These slaves came from Kongo a region of West-Central Africa and also a very few were free people with a mixed and African heritage, these people were often referred to as “gens de couleur” or people of color. The people of color were often wealthy and educated but the whites of the island often humiliated them. The island was ran by wealthy planters who lived in their “own little worlds” of lavish parties, leisure society, and games. The Haitian Revolution began as a sub part of the French Revolution but quickly became the most successful slave rebellion of all time. During the time of the Haitian Revolution about one-third of French foreign trade was from sugar and sugar byproducts from Saint Domingue. The beginning of the revolution in Saint Domingue began when the petits blancs and gens de couleur began to fight for political rights and equalities following the calling of the Estates-General. The French National Assembly finally granted political rights to the gens de couleur, but the

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