Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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There were a multitude of causes that led to the brewing of the Salem witch trials. Some of which were lack of education, superstition based on their religion. Also quarrels over land and power in the church and village politics.
To begin lack of education played a major role in the brewing of of the Salem witch trials, without education the common folk did not know enough to have self motivated thoughts. If they do not have enough education to have self motivated, they cannot doubt what the reverend says or create their own opinion on the matter. This helped the witch trial get much larger than it should have been.
Another reason was the superstition based on their religion. Most people during those times were strongly devoted to their belief and religion, and because they nothing better or more than their religion. When the girls accuses someone and did their whole act. No one questioned it. No one knew enough to form a question about it. People only knew their religion and the superstitions of the church and the people around them.
Another possible reason was village politics. More land meant more power in this era. The more land a person had, the more position in the village and a higher position in the church. In the movie if they accused people with land and the people were found guilty of witchcraft, they were hung and the nearest land owner would be able to receive the land if no inheritance was in place. That's why many people had reason to join in the hysteria.

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