Causes Of The Salem Witch Trials

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In the year 1692, almost a century after the colonization of Jamestown, Virginia, Salem, Massachusetts took a turn for the worst. One of the most notorious witch hunts in American history occurred in Salem, Massachusetts. Through the Salem Witch Trials many innocent people began to be accused of witchery, causing the deaths of a vast majority of the population, both male and female. The rise of witchcraft began in the spring and lasted for a long amount of time, “Throughout the spring, the number of accusers grew, and the jails continued to fill… And so it continued until September 22, when a mass hanging ended the executions” (Background Essay). The deaths of those innocent colonists may have been caused by their lack of ability to lie, but the cause of the Salem Witch Trials had a totally different reasoning behind the madness. The cause of the Salem Witch Trials are as follows: jealousy, lying girls, and the division of the town because of wealth and power. Firstly, we are all familiar with the feeling of jealousy, but only a few act on it and the young girls of Salem did! Based off of the limited amount of information given, we may only consider the fact that a group of young girls began trouble in Salem because their emotions got the best of them. Based on the graph from Document B, the majority of the accusers tended to be: young, single, and female, but what was oddly suspicious is that the people accused of being witches had such an opposite lifestyle: middle

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