Causes Of The Salem Witchcraft Hysteria

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I think the leading factors in the Salem witchcraft hysteria were politics, religion, superstition, and acting. All the accusations made during the trials and examinations were based off of “spectral evidence” and what twelve year olds were saying. However, during the time period all the children were seen as good Christian children. Perhaps more common sense could have been used, but since the town was run based off of religion the priest’s word was like the law. But one key fact was that a number of people were opposed to the minister. The only reason that he was there was because more people that could vote wanted him there. Politics played a major role because in the movie, “Three Sovereigns For Sarah,” it was said that Rebecca’s family had come into possession of land and power too quickly for the liking of the other people. It was a time when if you owned land you could vote and that fact was threatening to some people. It was political family feuds that fuel the accusations. Many of the accused were trying to buy land and not everybody had the same views on things as others. A single vote for the other side threatened the prosperity of some. By having the “afflicted” accuse the people that were trying to become landowners, they were ensuring their own wealth. Knowing or being related to an “afflicted” had its perks. Most of the accused were given an examination and then they were sent to the jail to wait for a trial date. For some the day came soon while others had

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